Philippe Tesson

A PhD in Literature, Philippe Tesson has in turn been a journalist, editorial writer, magazine owner and theatre director.
After making his début at Combat, where he became editor-in-chief from 1960 to 1974, he left to found Le Quotidien de Paris, followed by Le Quotidien du Médecin, of which he remained managing director until 1994, in parallel with his activity as a literary journalist.
Tesson’s passion for the theatre led him to work as a critic from the early 1970s on, first at Le Canard Enchaîné, then at L’Express and Le Figaro.
Director of Les Editions de l’Avant-Scène, in 2012 he took over the Théâtre de Poche-Montparnasse, which he manages with his daughter Stéphanie and Charlotte Rondelez.
He continues his concurrent work as a columnist and editorial writer on both radio and television, and today shares his editorials on France’s Radio Classique as well as the website of Le Point.

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