couverture de Indonesian Tribal Art

Indonesian Tribal Art

Bruce Carpenter (Author)

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300 x 280 mm — 332 pages — 75
ISBN : 978-981-4610-10-0

• Nearly 400 pieces from a private collection never before been published
• An introduction written by the president of the Joseph Campbell Foundation
• Detailed captions give background and context for each piece
• Nearly 600 photographs, both historical and contemporary

Illustrated with more than 400 beautifully photographed masterpieces from one of the world’s largest private collections and published in a large and sumptuous folio, Indonesian Tribal Art promises to be one of the most important books ever published on the subject. The artwork, which was collected by Rodger Dashow of Boston over a period of 30 years, not only includes many unpublished pieces but also types that have been rarely seen.
The book also features groundbreaking texts including an introduction by Andrew Gurevich and Robert Walter, the president and chairperson of the Joseph Campbell Foundation, concerning the continuing relevance of the work of that seminal philosopher and bestselling author in the field of tribal studies.
Bruce W. Carpenter, author and co-author of more than twenty titles on Indonesian art, history and culture, provides the main text. Written for the interested layman the book provides a clear overview of the subject and also discusses the significance of the recent scientific discovery that Indonesia is home to some of the oldest art on earth. Every art piece illustrated in the book is accompanied by descriptive captions and measurements.

Bruce Carpenter

A student of art history and fluent in four languages, Carpenter has been a resident of Bali since the early 1970s when he arrived from Europe as an aspiring young artist. Inspired by Indonesian and Balinese art, he has authored and co-authored more than twenty books and scores of articles on the archipelago’s art, history and culture including W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp: The First European Artist in BaliBatak SculptureNias SculptureGold Jewellery of the Indonesian Archipelago; and Lempad of Bali. In 1996 he founded and curated the non-profit Ganesha Gallery at the Four Seasons Resort in Jimbaran. Dedicated to young Indonesian and Balinese artists it would mount more than 200 exhibitions in close to twenty years. He has collaborated with numerous noted scholars over the years.  He is currently working on two book projects on Indonesian tribal art.

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