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Thailand Sketchbook

Taveepong Limapornvanich (drawings), William Warren (author)

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96 pages — 2530

• Lavish watercolours with careful attention given to architectural details and scenery.
• Handwritten captions that perfectly complement the skillfully rendered sketches and paintings.
• Contains over 160 atmospheric drawings of Thailand
• Evocative text by William Warren, an expert on Thailand

Culturally and geographically, Thailand is a kingdom of great diversity. Impressive monuments and romantic ruins mark the influences of long-gone empires. However, through all its eventful history, Thailand retains the multifaceted charm that has provided memorable experiences for visitors over the years. Artist Taveepong Limapornvanich manages to capture the essence of the kingdom through his paintings and sketches. With sections on Bangkok, the North and the South, and a comprehensive gazetteer of significant buildings, Thailand Sketchbook fully explores the kingdom. Thailand Sketchbook joins a prestigious list of Sketchbooks published by EDM.

Taveepong Limapornvanich

Taveepong Limapornvanich has built a reputation over 25 years as a designer, painter and photographer. An author and illustrator of many books, his publications include Silkscreen Printing, Phra Kiat Kong Sakol and Drawing Techniques. His artistic prowess is reflected in the wide range of techniques and media he uses: watercolour, oil, acrylic, crayon, marker and pencil. Today his paintings are in the collections of art galleries and institutions around the world. Among his proudest achievements is his 1999 solo exhibition in Bangkok to commemorate the 72nd birthday of His Majesty The King. The paintings were subsequently auctioned by Christie’s in Thailand and the proceeds donated to the royal projects of Chai Pattana and the Sai Jai Thai Foundation. The paintings in Thailand Sketchbook capture his passion for Thailand’s cultural heritage.

William Warren

William Warren is an authority on Jim Thompson, and has written Jim Thompson: The Unsolved Mystery, about Jim Thompson’s disappearance in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia in 1967 and Jim Thompson: House on the Klong, an illustrated book which brings readers on a tour through the uniquely furnished and decorated house which Jim Thompson left behind in Bangkok. Warren succumbed to the allure of Thailand on his first visit and has lived here for over 40 years. His writings on Asia, and Thailand in particular, have entertained and informed readers all over the world.

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