couverture de Venice Sketchbook

Venice Sketchbook

Fabrice Moireau (drawings), Tudy Sammartini (author), Deborah Howard (author)

Series :

290 x 250 mm — 90 pages — 30
ISBN : 978-9-81415-508-3

• Lavish watercolours with careful attention given to architectural details and scenery.
• Handwritten captions by the artist that perfectly complement the skillfully rendered sketches and paintings.
• Contains over 160 atmospheric drawings of the city of Venice.

Venice, a mosaic of over 100 islands, many connected by the 400 bridges which span its famous canals, is possibly the most romantic city in the world. It began as a village in the marshes and grew into a formidable sea power, dubbed the Queen of the Adriatic. Now its fading glories – the canals and palaces, monuments and churches — battle with the elements, yet remain breathtakingly beautiful. Artist Fabrice Moireau showcases Venice’s grand attractions and hidden charms through his watercolour paintings and pencil sketches.

Fabrice Moireau

Fabrice Moireau is a seasoned traveller who frequently brings back from his journeys sketchbooks that are valuable cultural and ethnographic records in themselves. He is particularly interested in the world’s architectural heritage, and in plants and gardens. In his watercolour paintings Moireau seeks to illustrate his fascination with streets and cityscapes by subtly playing with light and shadows.
Moireau is a graduate of the renowned École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art in Paris.

Tudy Sammartini

Tudy Sammartini lives and works in Venice. Her principal interests are Venetian history and art. She has worked for the Council of Industrial Design of London and published many articles on architecture and design in Architectural Design, Architectural Review, Elle Decoration and Le Figaro Magazine. Her various publications include Secret Gardens in Venice (1996), Decorative Floors of Venice (2000), and Venice from the Bell Towers (2002).

Deborah Howard

Deborah Howard is a Fellow of St John’s College, and professor of Architectural History at Cambridge University. Her main research interests are the architecture of Venice and the Veneto, Italian Renaissance architecture and Scottish architecture. Her books include Jacopo Sansovino: Architecture and Patronage in Renaissance Venice, The Architectural History of Venice, Scottish Architecture from the Reformation to the Restoration 1560-1660 and Venice and the East: The impact of the Islamic World on Venetian Architecture 1100-1500. She was until 2000 the chairman of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, and is a board member of the Society of Architectural Historians (USA).

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