couverture de Gardens of Paris Sketchbook

Gardens of Paris Sketchbook

Fabrice Moireau (aquarelliste), Jean-Pierre Le Dantec (texte)

Collection :

290 x 250 mm — 96 pages — 36
ISBN : 978-2-87868-286-1

Though, relative to its size, Paris has fewer parks than many other densely built capitals, few big cities can boast such a rich variety of gardens possesing such a diversity of plants and shapes. This is thanks to its history and climate.
In Parisian parks the picturesque is mingled with the geometrical, ultra-modern designs and styles with layouts centuries old.
So thoroughly acclimatised are the exotic species in these gardens that they have become common plants. And we shouldn’t overlook the city’s countless private gardens, some of them are just a mere jardinière on a balcony, others vas and hidden away behind walls.
Such is the miracle built up by a culture two thousand years old. The Paris of gardens and parks is as splendid as the Paris of streets, squares and palaces : it is partly owing to it’s gardens that it’s the most visited city in the world.

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