couverture de Rooftops of Paris Sketchbook

Rooftops of Paris Sketchbook

Fabrice Moireau (aquarelliste), Carl Norac (texte)

Collection :

290 x 250 mm — 96 pages — 36
ISBN : 978-2-87868-282-3

The artist Fabrice Moireau has undertaken a close study of Paris, surveying it at roof level, with and entomologist’s eye for detail. In this book, he hascaptured the city’s lesser known nooks and crannies, alongside the famous landmarks, offering up unusual angles and new ways of seeing an iconic city.
This other side of Paris- this levitated, almost unreal world – is an etravagant mass of ingenious shapes and forms that give protection from rain, wind and architectural monotony.
Rooftops of Paris is an invitation to travel to this unfamiliar and exhilarating cityscape.

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