couverture de Bali Sketchbook

Bali Sketchbook

Graham Byfield (drawings), Diana Darling (author)

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96 pages — 2530

• Sumptuously illustrated with careful attention to architectural detail
• Well-researched historical and architectural introduction by a leading expert
• Numerous captions to accompany the sketches and paintings

For hundreds of years Bali has fascinated and charmed newcomers, just as it captivated the English watercolour artist Graham Byfield when he first visited the island. The excitement of discovering a whole new world with an alluring landscape, startling architecture and vibrant culture is evident in these paintings and pencil sketches. Following the Balinese view of the tripartite nature of things – explained in the introduction – the book is divided into three parts.
The ‘World of Origins’ tours the mountains and lakes, with the temples and villages among them, whilst ‘The Hand-Made World’ takes us through agriculture, architecture, art, handicrafts and markets. ‘The Sea Coast’, the final part, explores the traditional fishing villages and modern beach resorts, contrasting the old way of life and the new.

Graham Byfield

Artist Graham Byfield spent the early years of his career as a graphic artist and creative director for advertising agencies in various parts of the world. He used these experiences as opportunities to study parochial architecture, savour landscapes and explore local cultures through his paintings. He is now a full-time artist with his own gallery in Spain, and he travels extensively to research his series of Sketchbooks.

Diana Darling

Diana Darling is an American artist and writer who has lived in Bali since 1980. She is the author of The Painted Alphabet, a novel based on a Balinese tale, and has contributed to numerous books and periodicals on Balinese and Indonesian culture. She is married to A. A. Alit Ardi of Ubud. A practising artist in her own right, she was Graham Byfield’s guide to Bali’s highly refined aesthetic, complex society and its wealth of historical sites.

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