couverture de Florence Sketchbook

Florence Sketchbook

Lucien d'Azay, Fabrice Moireau (drawings)

Series :

290 x 250 mm — 96 pages — 30
ISBN : 978-9-81461-021-6

Florence capital of Tuscany, birthplace of the Renaissance, and a UNESCO Word Heritage Site is shown in this book through the depictions of its architectural wealth, iconic monuments and its working-class areas. From churches to museums, gardens to palaces, and small squares to twisting narrow streets, Fabrice Moireau has created a vivid portrait of the city where the Medicis, Leonardo da Vinci, and Dante Alighieri once lived. The artist’s palette reveals the grandeur of the history of Florence, as well as its charms and atmosphere.

Lucien d’Azay

Born in 1966, Lucien d’Azay is a French writer, and English and Italian translator. He has written several books published by prestigious French publishing houses, including one about Florence: Dictionnaire insolite de Florence (An Unusual Dictionary of Florence) in 2015.

Fabrice Moireau

Fabrice Moireau is a seasoned traveller who frequently brings back from his journeys sketchbooks that are valuable cultural and ethnographic records in themselves. He is particularly interested in the world’s architectural heritage, and in plants and gardens. In his watercolour paintings Moireau seeks to illustrate his fascination with streets and cityscapes by subtly playing with light and shadows.
Moireau is a graduate of the renowned École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art in Paris.

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